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Meet the Man behind the dream


Being a barber was something Marlon Harry was always excellent at. When he decided to quit his full time job to pursue his trade as a barber.

He had no idea that 13 years later him and his younger brother, Teeyon Harry part co owner would hold the LLC to The Basement Barbershop.

After watching his father cut high tops, and fades Marlon couldn’t help but pick up the cutting technique which then transpired into a 15 year barbering career.

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“I quit my day job to work for myself and now I’m the owner and CEO of my own Barbershop”

- Marlon Harry


Lake Clifton Park is where most of the community gravitates to when they want a well grounded hair cut and serenity. With his ability to convert to his new career change, Marlon quickly took to his new nickname Blue. 

Over many years Marlon has developed a come early leave late philosophy. His discipline, dedication and love for his community are what makes The Basement Barbershop exceptionally outstanding. 

With the future looking lustrous for the Harry Brothers and their superb group of barbers and stylist they aim to open more barber shops.



To serve and build up our community through the power of entrepreneurship. To show that success is possible no matter the situation you might be facing or the hand you were dealt with. Today the Basement Barbershop has broken new ground by building a strong foundation as the leading Barbershop in Baltimore. We are defying what a Barbershop can be. The goal is to build a solid brand and expand into new business ventures.





2624 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21218


Tuesday through Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

PHONE: (410) 340-9220