Salon Assistant & Braider

Melissa is the driving force behind the day in, day out operation of the Basement Barbershop and keeps everything running smoothly.

Some of her responsiveness are making sure the mirrors are clean, sweeping hair, and shampooing client’s hair.  When it comes to thoughtful sectioning of braids and solid technique, Melissa is above average. T

his skill comes from her 7 year experience working at the Basement Barbershop. Melissa is also a number one ravens fan but to the Basement Barbershop, she is number one team player. 



CEO and Owner

Being a barber was something Marlon Harry was always excellent at. When he decided to quit his full time job to pursue his trade as a barber. He had no idea that 13 years later him and his younger brother, Teeyon Harry part co owner would hold the LLC to The Basement Barbershop.

After watching his father cut high tops, and fades Marlon couldn’t help but pick up the cutting technique which then transpired into a 15 year barbering career.

With his ability to convert to his new career change, Marlon quickly took to his new nickname Blue. Over many years Marlon has developed a come early leave late philosophy. His discipline, dedication and love for his community are what makes The Basement Barbershop exceptionally outstanding. 



Co Owner

Teeyon aka Teey is Co Owner of the Basement Barbershop and has been working alongside his brother for the past 4 years.

With his precise cutting skills and accurate razor shaves, Teey is an exceptional barber who gets the job done.

With his funny sense of humor and charm Teey also provide excellent service with a smile & a lot of laughs.




Tish is the current cosmetologist for the Basement Barbershop and has over 7 years experience working in a hair stylist.

A local in her community, Tish knew The basement Barbershop was a perfect she could call home.

Noticing the salon in the back of the shop was not operating smoothly for the past two years, Tish came to the rescue and took over as the new hairstylist.

She quickly earned a reputation for talent as a hair stylest and funny personality. Tish goal is to make sure you feel at home while she is makes sure every hair is laid in the right place.